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General Principles 

Data, research-developed resources, and software products will be shared with scientists, clinicians, and the public through the National Center for Interventional Biophotonic Technologies (NCIBT) website, publications, presentations, submissions to national repositories, and other collaborative and service opportunities.  

The overall objective is to:

  1. Ensure that datasets and products are widely available and easily discoverable by the scientific and medical communities and the public so as to maximize opportunities for dissemination through research, training, and education;
  2. Ensure consistent maximal privacy and security for sensitive data; and
  3. Establish long-term, sustainable capabilities for reuse of data sets and software by institutional data curation, stewardship, and archiving. 

Data Management and Sharing 

We are committed to making all data, software, and models available to the public according to FAIR (Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, and Reusability) principals. 

  1. Research DataComing soon will be an entirely secure digital platform for NCIBT members. On this platform, users will have the capability to store and upload all types of data related to developmental initiatives - from experimental measurement data and derivatives analytics through descriptive metadata and clinical patient data. To ensure everything runs smoothly, this will be managed by the NCIBT Software Engineer (hiring in progress), who can effectively manage the system’s technical elements.
  2. Software Tools. We use and are committed to modern practices for software development, including source code and data version control, testing, support for multiple platforms, and documentation. Soon we’ll share links to our publicly accessible code which will be available under the CC-BY license, which permits anyone to freely use and modify the software as long as proper credit or citations are given.

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