Biophotonics Monthly Meetings

The Biophotonics community at UC Davis, as organized around the central pillar of the NCIBT center, gathers for a monthly meeting where faculty, students and researchers meet and discuss work in progress and brainstorm new research directions in an informal, interactive setting. Each meeting is 2 hours (second Tuesday morning of each month) in duration and dedicated to specific biophotonics topics, described below. These Biophotonics meetings encourage the dissemination of progress in the field, provide a unique training opportunity for trainees to practice presenting their research and obtain feedback from their peers and mentors, and enable participants to gain a wider breadth of knowledge of the field in general. Once per quarter, students enrolled in the BTP 201 Topics In Biophotonics course, a required course for the Designated Emphasis (DE) in Biophotonics and Bioimaging, present flash talks on emerging topics in the field. 

Biophotonics Monthly Meetings
Speakers and Topics
Tues, Feb 14th

Bec Mayer, UC Davis BME (Carney Lab) – Reduction to Clinical Practice of Raman Biofluid Measurements 


Dr. Jinhwan Kim, UC Davis BME/Surgery – In vivo Tracking of Nanoengineered Cells for Advanced Cancer Theranostics

Tues, Nov 14th 

Carolyn Davis, UC Davis BMEGG graduate student (Sivasankar Lab) – Light-activated BioID – an optically activated proximity labeling system to study protein–protein interactions

Prof. Siobhan Brady, UC Davis Plant Biology and Genome Center – Microbe-mediated Striga resistance: how to image lots of bugs fast?


Ben Mattison, UC Davis graduate student (Yang Lab) – "High Speed Miniaturized Multiphoton Microscopy with Elliptical Beam Excitation"


Kajetan Wysoczynski, UC Davis graduate student – “Applications of Optogenetics in Cardiology”

Jackie Xie, UC Davis – “Raman Spectroscopy in Cardiovascular Imaging”

18-May-23 Prof. Samuel Achilefu (LinkedIn profile), Professor and Chair, Department of Biomedical Engineering · University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center - "Lighting the Path to Cancer Detection and Therapy"
11-Apr-23 Shing-Jiuan Liu, UC Davis graduate student, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Yang Lab - "Transabdominal fetal heart rate measurement through fiber based frequency-modulated continuous-wave near-infrared spectroscopy"

Prof. Randy Carney,
UC Davis, Biomedical Engineering - "Neural network enabled nanoplasmonic spectroscopy for label-free liquid biospy cancer detection"

Alba Alfonso Garcia, Project Scientist (Marcu Lab), UC Davis - "Fluorescence lifetime imaging for assessing gastrointestinal inflammation and detecting cancer"

Ravi Jonnal, UC Davis Department of Ophthalmology and Vision Science  Optoretinography: fundamental principles and clinical translation 


Jessica Korte, Grad Student, UC Davis - "The Optics in Optogenetics" 

Rishad Joarder, Grad Student, UC Davis - "Approaches to denoising CW fNIRS signals"

Alita D’Almeida and Gautama Bharadwaj, Grad Student, UC Davis - “Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) for Brain Imaging”  


Feng Tian, Grad Student, UC Davis – "Learnable lensless 3D camera"

Xiangnan Zhou, Ph.D. Postdoc, Department of Biomedical Engineering, UC Davis – "Recent advancements of pulse sampling time-resolved fluorescence"


Kelsey Hadfield, Grad Student, UC Davis – "Optical Molecular Imaging Principles & Mechanisms of Optical Contrast"

David Zhu, Grad Student, UC Davis – "Optical Spectroscopy Instruments and Applications in Surgical Oncology"

10-May-22 Yi Xue, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering, UC Davis - “Three-dimensional bi-functional refractive index and fluorescence microscopy (BRIEF)

Christina Kim, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Department of Neurology, UC Davis - “Engineering optogenetic circuits for detecting intracellular signaling

Shing-Jiuan Liu, Grad Student, UC Davis  - “Fiber based frequency-modulated continuous-wave near-infrared spectroscopy for transabdominal fetal pulse oximetry

2-Nov-21 Robert Zawadzki, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Ophthalmology & Vision Science UC Davis - "Latest developments In in vivo retinal imaging at UC Davis"

Yunyang Li, Grad student, UC Davis – "Optical design and configurations in mobile phone-based sensors"

Hannah O’Toole, Grad Student, UC Davis – "Mobile-phone based platforms for lab-on-a-chip for hematology applications

Arielle Yoo, Grad Student, UC Davis – Mobile Phone-Based Microscopy, Sensing, and Diagnostics: AI Methods

Ben Mattison, Grad Student, UC Davis – Optical Design Considerations for Mobile Phone-Based Microscopy

11-May-21 Mark Harrison, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Chapman University, Fowler School of Engineering - "Nonlinear Optics for Biophotonics" 

Robert Zawadzki, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Ophthalmology & Vision Science UC Davis  - "Progress in development and application of multimodal optical imaging of the living mouse retina"

Jun Zhu, Grad Student, UC Davis - "Noninvasive, in vivo rodent brain optical coherence microscopy using the longwavelength NIR window"

11-Mar-21 Cai Li, Grad Student, UC Davis - "Optical imaging techniques for the optimization of bio-engineered vascular graft manufacturing"