Center Overview

Successful medical intervention requires precision and speed in diagnosis, in choice of therapeutic strategy, and in implementation. Oncologic surgeons seeking tumor margins, reconstructive surgeons evaluating flap perfusion, neuro-intensivists assessing cerebral blood flow, and obstetricians choosing delivery options during high risk pregnancies need data regarding tissue composition, metabolism, and perfusion that is acutely actionable – immediate, integrated within the workflow and interpretable within the context of the individual’s medical and imaging history. The National Center for Interventional Biophotonic Technologies (NCIBT) will address this unmet need by:

  • Advancing scalable optical imaging technology, built from the perspective of intelligent optical system design, to characterize tissue properties in the most effective manner;
  • Developing an intraprocedural platform that physically incorporates these technologies and integrates the resulting imaging data, details of the procedure itself, and patient-specific information within AI-based decision algorithms that guide, in real-time, therapeutic decisions, and
  • Disseminating these technological advancements to research institutions and medical centers throughout the country.

The NCIBT has three cores: Scientific (3 TRDs, 7CPs, 7 SPs), Administrative Core, and TTD Program.