Note from Director

Laura Marcu Director

Welcome to NCIBT - The National Center for Interventional Biophotonic Technologies! NCIBT is developing a new technological paradigm for surgical and interventional medical decision-making. This technology will help surgeons and other physicians make decisions in real time by assessing the local tissue’s constituents, physiology, and pathology, and integrating this imaging data with preoperative and other intraoperative imaging data and information from a patient’s history, to optimize the procedure.

The center’s scientific focus is to integrate UC Davis’ expertise in iFLIM, iDOS and AI to create state-of-the-art optical imaging instruments for tissue characterization during surgical procedures and monitoring of blood flow in a variety of medical conditions. We are bringing these three technologies together to develop a new generation of fiber-based, scalable and easily deployable optical devices. They will interface with an analytical platform that will provide a surgeon or physician with instant information and analysis to guide clinical decision-making during the actual process.

This center builds on strengths unique to UC Davis’ School of Medicine and College of Engineering, developing new optical tools to help surgeons everywhere more often provide complete cures for their patients.

We are eager for you to learn more about NCIBT from the website. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like more information. Thank you!

Laura Marcu, Ph.D. Director, NIH P41 National Center for Interventional Biophotonic Technologies (NCIBT)