How to Cite the National Center for Interventional Biophotonic Technologies (NCIBT)

Citing the NCIBT Grant in a Publication

The NIH requires all publications resulting from federally funded research to acknowledge that support in publications and posters and to comply with the NIH Public Access policy, which requires scientist to submit their manuscripts to PubMed Central (PMC).  Failure to comply with NIH Public Access Policy may delay the processing of all grant awards linked to the article. This serious penalty has already delayed millions of dollars of NIH funding across the university system. To help ensure the success and continued funding of the NCIBT, please cite our grants.

When to Cite the Grant

Investigators are required to cite the NCIBT grant in all publications that result from any support received from the center, including

  • You are receiving funding as an NCIBT investigator or collaborator on a technology research and development project
  • You have used an NCIBT technology or resource

How do I cite the grant and comply with NIH Public Access Policy?

  1. Acknowledge NCIBT support in each publication on which you are an author using the applicable statement below.
    1. For Manuscripts: "The project described was supported by the National Center for Interventional Biophotonic Technologies (NCIBT), through a grant from the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering, National Institutes of Health, grant number P41EB032840. The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the NIH."
    2. For abstracts: “Supported by NCIBT through a grant from NIBIB (P41EB032840) at NIH
  2. Link the publication from PubMed to NIH grant P41EB032840
  3. Submit the manuscript to the NIHMS upon acceptance for inclusion in PubMed Central.
    1. Manuscripts that fall under NIH Public Access Policy must be uploaded by an author, publisher or a delegate to PubMed Central (not the same as PubMed), depending on the method the publisher has mandated for a given journal.