Annual Workshop

Interventional Biophotonics Week - NCIBT Workshop and Summer School 2023

July 17- 21, 2023

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Day 1 & 2: NCIBT workshop
Day 3-5: Interventional Biophotonics Camp
  • The upcoming workshop and camp will provide a unique opportunity to foster engagement and creativity through cutting-edge pedological techniques
  • The event will bring together international and national leaders in the field to discuss key principles and current developments in biophotonics
  • Clinicians will provide insightful perspectives on the performance gaps that technological advancements should address
  • It will include clinical demonstrations in a mock operating room and intensive care unit at UC Davis, providing attendees with an opportunity to experience cutting-edge medical technology first-hand
  • It will feature curated videos and discussion of approaches for solving important problems, such as image guidance for brain tumor resection and monitoring of intracranial pressure
  • Attending this event will give participants access to a wealth of information regarding current trends and research topics and identify new research avenues that could lead to breakthroughs
GBSF 2212 Marcu Lab
Brent Cancer Laser Robotic Surgery
Kwan Liu Ma Lab