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NCIBT Team Leaders Awarded Grants from NINDS and NHLBI

griffith harsh headshot

Dr. Griff Harsh was notified in September of an award to him as MPI of 1 R25 NS124520-0 by NINDS under the NINDS Research Education Programs for Residents and Fellows in Neurological Disorders and Stroke. This 5-year grant will support 1-2 years of research training for 1-3 UC Davis residents annually. The program was found to be extremely impressive and comprehensive, evidencing extraordinary thoughtfulness in a design that incorporates all aspects required of a training program. Some of these residents will participate in NCIBT activities. The program will include some of the approaches proposed in the Technology Training and Dissemination programs of this P41 grant. This award further attests to Dr. Harsh’s experience as a director of training programs and his capacity to help Dr. Marcu lead the NCIBT.

laura marcu headshot

Dr. Laura Marcu has been awarded a new grant totaling $3,545,000 from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) 1R01HL157712-01A1, entitled “Dual-modality FLIm and PSOCT for intravascular imaging of plaque in patients”. This 5-year grant will support the development of a bimodal intracoronary catheter system combining Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (FLIm) and Polarization Sensitive Optical Coherent Tomography (PSOCT). This grant will support research activities that are complementary to TRD 1 (Aim 3) and aligned with CP 5 (Intravascular NIRF-IVUS imaging of inflammation-guided arterial therapy).