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Biophotonics Monthly Meetings

Optics Club Meeting

The Biophotonics community at UC Davis, as organized around the central pillar of the NCIBT center, gathers for a monthly meeting where faculty, students and researchers meet and discuss work in progress and brainstorm new research directions in an informal, interactive setting. Each meeting is 2 hours (second Tuesday morning of each month) in duration and dedicated to specific biophotonics

topics. These Biophotonics meetings encourage the dissemination of progress in the field, provide a unique training opportunity for trainees to practice presenting their research and obtain feedback from their peers and mentors, and enable participants to gain a wider breadth of knowledge of the field in general. Once per quarter, students enrolled in the BTP 201 Topics In Biophotonics course, a required course for the Designated Emphasis (DE) in Biophotonics and Bioimaging, present flash talks on emerging topics in the field. 

Biophotonics Seminar Series 

Laura Marcu Women in Photonics

The Biophotonics Seminar Series is held to showcase cutting-edge research in biophotonics. It provides an opportunity for students, faculty, and experts to come together and learn about the latest developments in the field. Presenters discuss their research, methods, and techniques, and how their findings may be used in various applications. The topics covered range from basic theory to advanced techniques and technology, as well as cross-disciplinary areas. Each seminar is followed

by a question-and-answer session where attendees can ask questions to gain deeper insights into the subject matter. Through this series of seminars, we aim to promote collaboration between research groups, provide a platform for students and researchers to exchange ideas, and build connections. We are dedicated to advancing the field of biophotonics, and this Seminar Series is one way in which we do so.

JEDIS Alliance of Excellence in Biophotonics

JEDIS Inaugural Symposium 2022

The JEDIS Alliance of Excellence in Biophotonics was awarded 240,000/ $280,000 for three years from the European Recovery Program. Planned activities include scientific conferences in Davis, California and Jena, Germany, a sustainable exchange program, and two first-class summer schools.

“By establishing tandem activities between institutions in Germany and North America, we aim at promoting an exchange of views and dialogue

at the interface of biophotonic science, innovation and societal benefit,” said Professor Laura Marcu, who is coordinating the project at UC Davis. “This is urgently needed to tackle current and future global challenges in medicine and life sciences. To strengthen this exchange, we will also establish a joint research laboratory at UC Davis between the Department of Biomedical Engineering and the Comprehensive Cancer Center, to bring in competencies in Raman-spectroscopy for clinical diagnostics.”

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UC Davis Optics Club

UC Davis Optics Club Fall 22

Members of the Optics Club at UC Davis have the opportunity to attend events and conferences, speak with students in local high schools and colleges about optics, network with engineers in optics-related fields, and work on various optics-related projects. You can visit our Facebook Page here, Twitter here!

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